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Invest Every Month in Five Stocks to Beat the Market

Active investors and short term traders know that Buy & Hold strategy is not efficient. But day trading is a very demanding activity.

Our short-term trading system beats the market and comprises 12 cycles of 30 days per year. We provide a list of 5 stocks in the Dow Jones with the best chances to beat the Index in the next 30 days to come.

Trading every month up to 5 stocks costs the price of each trade, and if you have a self-directed account this cost is minimal (around 10$ per trade), so it does not really affect your overall profit.

Someone said that "One of the Internet's strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data". Please be assured that you might have found the right needle for your investing needs.

Our Dow Jones 5 Portfolios and the Dow Jones Opportunities

The Dow Jones
comprises 30 of the largest US stocks, with a high liquidity.

Every month, a Dow Jones 5 portfolio lists 5 stocks of the index which are likely to do well and soar in the 30 days to come.

Our returns are excellent, as you can see here.

Free Trial Period

The best way to see if our short-term trading system works for you is to try it. It will take little effort to check the returns you will get by using our system.

I think that it is fair to offer a
free start-up package that has a finite time (end of 2013); enough time for my future members to practice with my online products and like it enough to pay for continued use.

Try our short-term trading system until the end of 2013 (periods of 30 days each), and see what this efficient strategy can bring to your investment success.

Your risk is nil, your effort is small and your rewards can be huge. If you doubt that our free offer can help you invest better, you will not take advantage of a strong system. If you believe it is too good to be true, just think we are offering it free until end of December 2013. In January 2014 we will close the membership to one thousand subscribers.

Just sign up to receive an email every month with the 5 stocks to invest.

You can Later Join our Exclusive Club

After you tried our short-term trading momentum-based system, you will most certainly understand what this strategy can bring to your investment success.

You will have then the possibility to talk to us to join the Club. The number of members is limited to a thousand. The early adopters will have their membership secured and we will pull the plug after Christmas 2013 to protect the interests of our members.

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